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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

 Đăng bởi Thọ Phan  Vào ngày 02/05/2020
Tệp tin: 159. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.gba
Đánh giá: (0 Thành viên đánh giá)
Hệ máy: Nintendo Gameboy Advance GBA
Kích cỡ: 16 MB
Thể loại: Đi cảnh
Lượt xem:   4008
Lượt tải:   791

Tải Về

There is a Mirror World that exists in the skies of Dream Land. It is a world where any wish reflected in the mirror will come true, and in it lay the Amazing Mirror. However, one day it ended up copying the mind of an mysterious figure called Dark Mind, and creates a reflected world of evil. Meta Knight notices this, and flies up to save the Mirror World.

Meanwhile, while Kirby is taking a walk, Dark Meta Knight appears instantly and slices Kirby into 4 Kirbys, each with a different color. Dark Meta Knight retreats, in which the 4 Kirbys chase after him on a Warp Star and enter the Mirror World...

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